About Avatar Public Chain Eco-Platform

The positioning of Avatar public chain ecological platform is different from the existing single project, he will have both an exchange like and a public chain AC similar to the current Huobi Chain (FireCoin public chain) of, as well as his decentralized mining and transparent data on the chain! Based on a specific POS+DPBFT algorithm, generated by a large number of calculations, using a distributed database composed of many nodes in the entire p2p network to confirm and record all transactions, and using cryptographic design to ensure the security of all aspects of currency circulation.

AC is essentially a data industry vertical public chain. Since it is a public chain, the future development of AC will depend on the business construction and DAPP access, AC has started the layout in this area after several years of research and development. It will also be online one after another!


Avatar-Chain’s Ecologys



AC\'s future development will depend on the commercial construction and DAPP access, and AC has already started the layout in this area after several years of research and development.

Core Architecture


The core structure of Avatar public chain corresponds to the connection of five dimensions: main body, trust, value, scenario and circulation, Avatar will act as a connector of the blockchain world, build the third largest digital currency and lead the future blockchain world.

Main Chain


AC\'s mainchain blocks use Dynamic Stake Consensus Protocol (DSC), a consensus mechanism that completely eliminates the possibility of blockchain forks and strikes a balance between performance, scale, and security.

How It Works?



Completely decentralized transaction model, player to player transactions, all data is open and transparent, every data is publicly available on the AC blockchain browser!


Highly encrypted

Cryptographic algorithms, addresses of all miners holding coins, block heights, transaction hash functions, block nodes, timestamps, chain traceable!


Supply Chain Mall

Its created a virtual mine in the DAPP! Users upload their various data to the planet and use the data\'s authorization to mine to get AC rewards, thus building a future credit society in the virtual planet.

Promote Mechanism

The first 100,000 miners, free registration of real name authentication to give 7t/s permanent computing power, 1AC coin = 1t/s (the same id can only log in 3 accounts).

Direct push 0 commission 20%, Direct push ≥4 commission 10%, Direct push ≥20 commission 5%.

Sign up and get a free permanent count, no reinvestment, no sign up, in and out as you go! 15 days login once, sell from 1 coin!

Direct push is given 5% of the effective power of arithmetic support, between push is given 1% of the power of arithmetic support!

Development History


Underlying public chain technology architecture construction

The 7-bit hacker coalition in the United States started the underlying public chain technology architecture


Avatar public chain development

Hollywood directors invest in Avatar public chain development


Internal testing completed

Blockchain browser internal testing completed


Main online public test

Global mainnet public chain launched and started public testing


Algorithm launched for public testing

Avatar public chain completed poc side algorithm mining online public test


On-line Genesis mining started

Avatar public chain launched in 86 countries around the world


Fourth largest exchange launched

Global miners reach at least 1 million, all major application scenarios are online and developed, and 3-5 world famous exchanges are online at the same time! The next 5-10 years to build the world\'s third largest digital currency, the fourth largest exchange charge mention channel!